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Art and Chairs

Tan Haur Virtu Lecturer has integrated fine art with product design in a Charity Show (Arts and Design Against Cancer, year 2012). Mr S R Nathan the former President of the Republic of Singapore acquired the chair designed by Tan on 23rd May 2012 at the Red Dot Design Museum. The visual images on the upholstery was created based on the artistic process of Tan Haur’s underwater sketching and digital photo imaging creation. It was a combination of seascape, mindscape and self-reflection through his underwater experiences in South East Asia.

Tan Haur is a multi disciplinary artist and his practice includes the development of individual works/exhibitions, curatorial projects and collaborations.  He draws inspiration and ideas from a given location, everyday objects and daily life.  He immerses himself into different environments, experiencing the differences, and experimenting

different mediums and technologies in art creation and interaction, continuously in search of the relationship between Nature, Culture, Art, Media and Technology.

Tan practices Zen in daily activities and the creation of art are a journey of self-discovery to understand and get closer to his true being. He likes to work on cross disciplinary projects like integrating fine art and commercial design that challenge conventions and by breaking the norm results in different alternative techniques.  Tan Haur’s love for digital art, photography, painting and underwater sketching has motivated him to share this new genre with other enthusiasts around the world.  He has traveled to many countries creating art at high altitudes up upon summits as well as deep down in the ocean. His artist’s blog and website is at: -

Mel Fee






Title: Lecturer, Interior Design
Qualification: Adv IDD, Cert IV AWT

Profile: Trained at Unitec Auckland in the early 1980’s before Working on numerous commercial projects with White & White for NZI Corporation throughout New Zealand as well as contract position for visualisation for Countdown supermarkets expansion into the major North Island centres. Two years with AATI Contracts part of the Al Tayer Group based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Working on private Palaces, Villas and retail outlets.

Relocated to Sydney in the 1990’s working for Servcorp on Australian based commercial premises as well as offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris. Also completed private commissions throughout Sydney.

While in Asia started to import decorative product out Shanghai and Hong Kong that were wholesaled throughout Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Paris.

Relocated to the Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2000 after a short period teaching for KVB Institute at Bond University. Then eight years with CATC design School as a senior lecturer while simultaneously completing private commissions in the SE Queensland region. Now teaching Diploma students at the Academy of Design, Robina.