MSF60113 Advanced Diploma of Interior Design

This course/qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for creative and technical solutions for built interior environments. Interior design at this level covers the planning and detailing of complex residential, commercial and institutional design projects with an emphasis on space creation, space planning and the factors that affect peoples’ responses to living and working environments. It may also include specialist design areas such as facilities for people with disabilities, institutional design, exhibitions, the aged, and adaptive re-use projects.

Job roles/employment outcomes
The MSF60113 Advanced Diploma of Interior Design reflects vocational outcomes including interior designers for interior design and architectural practices, self employed design consultants, design project administrators and design managers. Work involves using a significant range of fundamental principles and complex techniques across a wide and often unpredictable variety of contexts in relation to either varied or highly specified functions. Accountability and responsibility for self and others in achieving outcomes is involved.

This qualification is typically used to develop a breadth, depth and complexity of skills and knowledge for interior design processes which follow a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process, and knowledge of the principles of interior design and building technologies. Designs must meet the purpose, efficiency, comfort, safety and aesthetic requirements of interior spaces, adhere to regulatory requirements and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability.

Pathways into the qualification
This qualification may be accessed by direct entry. Credit can be granted towards this qualification by those who have completed the MSF50213 Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration.

Pathways from the qualification
Further training pathways from this qualification may include relevant higher education programs and management or competitive manufacturing qualifications.

Course Duration
Advanced Diploma course duration depends on; a students pre existing qualifications and experience, a students full time or part time status and study commitment and finally the pace at which the student studies. Our Advanced Diplomas can be studied full-time or part time with the student deciding on their own study pace by enrolling in either one or two subjects per Term. Normal duration is one year full-time; two years part-time.

It is expected that the student will allow 10 hours (part time) to 20 hours (full time) per week for their classes and home and work study. Virtu academic year is divided into 4 terms of study per year, with enrolments in January, April, July and October of each year.

Additional Entry requirements for VET Student Loan Students
For students to be eligible to access VET Students Loans they are required to be an Australian citizen; or hold a permanent humanitarian visa and usually reside in Australia; or be a qualifying New Zealand citizen.

Additionally you will be required to provide us with:
– a certified copy of a certificate for a qualification at Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level 4 (or above) that was delivered in English, or
– a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education awarded by an agency or authority of an Australian State or Territory for your completion of year 12 of school, or
– a certificate of competency at or above Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy using an approved assessment tool arranged by Virtu.

Apply Now:
In order for Virtu to determine that a prospective student is academically suited to undertake a particular course, there are 6 steps to complete the application process; Step 1- Complete the online enquiry form and submit it to Virtu, Step 2 – Virtu Staff member will contact you for a face to face and/or Skype interview, Step 3 – Send to Virtu by email or upload to the Virtu website your academic and personal documents, Step 4 – Virtu will send you a formal acceptance of your application, Step 5 – Successful eligible applicants can make an application for VET Student Loans, and/or a Virtu Scholarship, Step 6 – Virtu confirms enrolment, provides information on course commencement date and induction.

Student Study Term 1
VDIS10008 Managing Interior projects
Credit Points 15
This subject helps students to understand basic drawings and documents used by contractors and consultants when building a design project. It creates awareness about the selection and instruction of design consultants and contractors, and also looks into legal requirements related to interior design projects. Students will develop awareness as professional designers so that they can evaluate and assess design project outcomes that appeal to the end users.
Student Study Term 2
VDIS10011 Restoration Interiors 2
Credit Points 15
This subject prepares students for the design of more complex projects involving planning, organizing and problem solving skills as they apply to interior conservation and restoration projects. Research skills will be required to satisfy the more extensive briefs to be developed both in terms of interior finishes and furniture and with the specification and commissioning of artwork.
VDIS10012 Retail Design
Credit Points 20
Design for retail environments, one of the most widely sought after and exciting specialisations in the broad field of interior design, draws together studies in the psychology of space and its use, and addresses the social, cultural and environmental requirements of a retail design brief. The subject is ‘project focused’. In responding to project briefs, students are required to research creative and complex interior design solutions to retail environments and analyse and apply ‘colour’ for interiors. Essentially, students must demonstrate skills and knowledge in using a range of modelling techniques for extending, developing and resolving complex spatial design problems.
Student Study Term 3
VDIS10013 Advanced Interior Design Studio
Credit Points 20
In response to a client’s brief, an interior designer specifically focuses on the manipulation of space and form by applying elements and principles of design. As such, this subject sets the scene for a complex project during which the student orchestrates the creation of an interior — from the briefing stage through the design and documentation process. Through this process, students will demonstrate skills in comprehending and strategizing briefing information; organizing finite resources such as ‘time’; developing and critically analyzing creative direction; and planning and producing presentation material. A critical part of the subject deals with the application of 3-D visualisation techniques.
VDIS10014 Exhibition Design
Credit Points 15
Exhibition design is a rapidly developing specialization practiced globally, and the resulting exhibits are now an essential component of the marketing programs of many major corporations. In this field, design is fast-moving, energetic and commercially focused with rapid conceptualization, production, installation and decommissioning phases in order to meet the tight cost plans associated with this work. Students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to design and implement displays in a wide range of exhibition spaces.
Student Study Term 4
VDIS10010 Internship
Credit Points 20
The purpose of this subject is to provide a framework for practical industry/professional experience assisting students to attain the competencies contained within the units while experiencing first hand the excitement, practicalities and challenges of Design Practice and the workplace, while beginning to establish and utilise those all important “work-place” networks.

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